Why to choose .atsofts file extension over other encrypted forms?

Whenever we read on internet about data leak or data privacy concerns, we think of making our data safe. One of the best way to secure our data is encrypting it. There are lot of encryption techniques present on internet. But,  we know there are lot of concerns there too because any encryption technique has lot of decrypting software for it. So, as far as we know maximum of encryption services use .crypt or .crypto or alike encrypted file extension with low-level of encryption, these services don’t provide much security. Here is our take on them! We launched our own encryption service “LetEncrypt” which encrypts your file into .atsofts form by using any of the 50algorithm (alternate/any of it) , and with a password, and which can be only encrypted only on one computer that is our server.

LetEncrypt encrypts your file with help of AES-128-CBC algorithm to encrypt your file into most secure form .atsofts  .


Here is our tutorial on it.


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