Who we really are?

We are atSofts, we are majorly focused on Cyber Security concerns. We are primarly Internet and Cyber Security related services provider.

We primarly develop Softwares, Windows Application, Android Application, Website Development, and Cyber Security Projects development team with also focusing on doing projects for Clients too.

We Love our Work, and we are proud of what we do. We know how our projects can change the world, and we will constantly work for it.

Why we do Cyber Security projects and consultant service?

Yes, we also provide Cyber Security project and consultant service provider. We do it because, we think Cyber Security is the area in which people need to get more knowledge and concern. We are trying hard to make internet secure day-by-day and loving the work. We are a team and we have unity in our team, this helps us to win and do hard tasks easily. We provide Cyber security services just to ensure that our work can secure the Internet world.

The team of atSofts

The head of team of atSofts :

Tanmay Pandey ( Founder / CEO )

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Ankur Tripathi ( The Marketing and Strategy Head )

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