The Organic Search Result and How you can get it more?

If someone belongs to developer community or is having an online buiseness, he/she might have heard of a term called Organic Search. So what does this term actually means?

The term Organic Search, can be broken down into two different words :- Organic and search. So let us see what is meant by organic? Organic means real,genuine and by search means searching term on any of popular search engine. We might come to conclusion that any genuine and real search result click is called Organic Search.

Let us go further more to understand this concept.

Suppose you are searching atSofts on . You might have noticed something looking just like search result to appear on top and have [Ad] written. When you click on those ads and visits the page they asks you, its called inorganic search. But when you click on search results which are not ads, its called Organic Search. So, we can come to conclusion that ” When we click on search results which are not ads i.e. genuine and real, it is called organic search . ”

So how we can get it more?

There are many ways to get it. Most common is seo. Seo is search engine optimization technique used to get higher search ranking. So, how we can get it? We can add meta description, title and much more information to our website or application to get higher search ranking. So, if you don’t know how to do this. Get it to us, we can do it easily and can improve your search ranking.

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