Five major common Cyber Security concerns

In this world, where technology is rapidly developing and especially in the field of Information Technology, a security and data privacy concern arises. Here, are five major common Cyber Security Concerns :-

1. Phishing :- While browsing on social network websites like Facebook, we often see many ads which prompt us some great deals but when clicked on it asks us for our Google or Facebook account and password or will try to get access to your account through access granting to 3rd Party Applications. This way they can get access to your account and can do anything from your account. Phishing is generally done by mentally triggering people into great deals and then getting their private informations for verification.

2. Fake Websites :-

In the ocean of websites, normally said as Internet, there are thousands of fake websites which thug us on deals. They are normally fake e-commerce websites which asks us to pay online but never deliver our products to us.

3. Malicious browser extension :-

Whenever visiting a website, we see a prompt asking us to add extensions to our Chrome browser. This extensions can check deep in our system and leak our private information on the Internet.

4. Search Engine Infiltration :-

Ok, let us assume you want to buy any product like our School Management Software. You will search “School Management Software” on any of the popular Search Engine. You will see various links which redirect you to another website. This will be a fake website and can leak your data online.

5. Credential-stealing banking malware attacks :-

“We’ve seen credential-stealing banking malware attacks before, but these are now increasing in number,” says David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

“Whereas banking Trojans target mostly individuals of online financial services, some of these malware families are now hunting for data related to online shopping accounts. These Trojans intercept data entered on a shop’s payment page – meaning that cyber criminals are able to take advantage of consumers who are not aware that they are conducting transactions on an infected device.”

Written By:- Tanmay Pandey

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